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New for influencers and creators in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg.

Manage campaigns at your fingertips with Influenzo

Influenzo app is the new influencer marketplace and campaign management tool for influencers in the Benelux. We have built it as a web app so that it won’t take up memory on your phone but you still have access to all the features.


Influencers and brands meet on the Influenzo app and both can decide freely if they are a good match to share content or develop original campaigns.


You have access to the brand campaign briefing and payout level. You can create your post, attach visuals, obtain approval, publish your posts and more.


Keep track of your published campaigns. Analyse your reach and engagement, or check your E-Wallet on income generated and the payment history.

Start monetizing in just 4 easy steps.

Registration takes only a few minutes. Once you have activated your profiles on the Influenzo app, we will approve your account. When accepted, brands can select you to propose their content for sharing or ask you to create original content for your community.

You can set your own price or reward and monitor performance. You will automatically receive alerts of new campaigns. Of course, the more influencers in the Benelux will join our platform, the more campaigns will become available. Welcome to Influenzo!

1. Download

Add the site to your mobile desktop and it will work as an app without taking up memory!

2. Install

Open the app & register with Facebook so we can easily communicate.

3. Activate

Go to ‘My profiles’ and activate your various social profiles to use with the Influenzo app.

4. Manage

Wait for alerts on your first campaign. You can connect any other social profiles at any time.

Turn your influence into your fortune!

This influencer app lets you quickly check what new brand content is available, receive alerts for new campaigns, as well as share your amazing content with followers in your influencer community. Start to make money and discover all the features of Influenzo:

  • Monetize your influence
  • Match with brands & campaigns
  • Manage campaigns at your fingertips
  • Monitor the performance of your posts

What we do

Make your influence work everywhere!

Is it free to use the app?
Of course, it is totally free for influencers, forever!
Will it take up too much space on my phone?
Don’t worry, you don’t have to install anything, just add the site to your mobile desktop and it will work as an app.
iPhone or Android?
We don’t discriminate between the Apple and Google fans.

frequently asked questions

Ask us anything, if you have any more doubts…

How do I start earning money?
Our app analysts will check if your account is eligible, and once activated, you will receive the available campaigns that suit your profile directly on your smartphone. You decide whether to accept or reject them!
How long will it take to validate my account?
The accounts take between 1-7 days to be analysed for validation or rejection.
Can I add multiple Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts?
Of course! The more you add, the more options you have for receiving campaigns. To add an account go to My profile> Add account.
How can I see the available campaigns?
By opening your app will show you the pending campaigns you have pending. Also, every time you have an available campaign, we’ll send you a push notification.
Why I don’t receive campaigns / receive few campaigns?
Please, have some patience. Not all influencers fit the target for all the campaigns but surely you will start receiving campaigns notifications.
How do I contact support if I have a problem?
The support team is at your disposal to solve any doubt in less than 24 hours, send us an email to

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