Augmented Experience

See the world of your brand through different eyes


Artificial Intelligence

AI will definitely change every aspect of our lives. It also presents us with new ways of doing business. Today, we already offer practical solutions for :

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Bots, Robots, Personal Assistants
  • Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Robots are coming. Discover new opportunities for your business.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Offer visitors a unique immersive experience, anywhere, anytime.

360° Visualisation

Visualize objects, buildings, interiors or people as they were real.

Augmented Reality voor een fantastische beleving

AR offers many opportunities, especially in combination with mobile, social media or print. Consumers bond emotionally with brands or products through personalized AR experiences which they love to share with friends. This increases conversation value and brand awareness. Our experts will gladly give you peek into the AR kitchen.


Unique experiences for unique business

AR offers valuable solutions not only for commercial purposes but also for cultural, tourist or non-profit applications. Bring your product, service, store, street or city come to life with AR. Our specialist team are happy to help you with apps for…

  • fun & entertainment
  • culture and education
  • technical or instructions
  • demos and promotions

The right mix for your mixed reality

MR combines the digital world with the real world. New technology is transforming almost every sector and creates new ways to present content, experience things, interactions. We work companies and organisations to develop their MR, AI, AR  and innovation projects.

What we do

Our toolbox for an augmented experience!

Idea Studio


360° Cameras


AR/VR Software


3D Design


Game Development


AI & Robot Lab


Cross Platform Apps


Online Support


360° Virtual Tours

Seeing is believing. Real-estate projects get 4x more customer inquiries with a 360° virtual tour. And they help over 40% of potential home buyers in making a quick decision.

360° virtual tours are also very suitable for hospitals, fun parks, tourist attractions, etc. We already have quite a number of references.

And now, we also offer a unique 360° people photography for fashion brands to show their key items in a 3d experience.

A few examples

Influenzo, in partnership with Antartica and other experts, has obtained quite some experience with Augmented & Virtual Reality. And we have worked with dynamic holograms, friendly robots with face and voice recognition as well as awesome 360° people photography. If you want to offer your customers a truly augmented experience, please get in touch.

Virtual Reality

VR offers a threedimensional world right in your bedroom or office. The benefits and efficiency of Virtual Reality are particularly noticeable in following areas:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Gamification & entertainment
  • Recruitement
  • Education & training
  • Events & Fairs
  • Consumer- & user testing

Our VR design & development team can develop and deliver just about any project within your requirements and constraints. Now, enter a totally new reality.

Questions? We have answers!

“The engagement of consumers with brands is more and more technology dependent. Either you are with it or soon you’ll be out of the picture…”

Pablo Jonas

Experience Strategy

“In a world of algorithms, we keep the finger on the pulse of robots, AI, AR, VR, 3D and 360°. Take our knowledge to your advantage.”

Denis Omelcenco

Digital Experience Wizard

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Combine influence with our unique services and partner expertise in performance media, creative content, conversion optimization, mobile solutions, and augmented user experience. Influenzo always has a smart, affordable solution!

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