Influencer Monetization

Verdien goed geld met onze social selling platforms


Influencers verdienen ook een mooi inkomen!

Influenzo is opgericht om influencers te helpen hun creativiteit, channels, en community zo goed mogelijk te monetiseren. Wij waarderen juist jouw onafhankelijkheid, persoonlijkheid en integriteit. Influence is niet zomaar reclame. Het gaat om vertrouwen en  betrokkenheid.

Top Creators

Generate serious income with your personal design collections.


Make money and build your fanbase with branded campaigns on your channels.


Earn some extra cash by sharing branded quality content to your followers.

Fans en Followers Kopen Héél Graag van Jou!

As a top creator and key influencer, monetizing your reach and knowing how to activate your community is essential to your high profile strategy.

Now you can make money with your fanbase or community really quickly, without effort and without any investment. You become financially independent from brand support or you can create lucrative campaigns for causes. Influenzo opens the way to selling your custom products directly to your fans in 5 minutes. You are the brand!

Verkoop je eigen Design Collectie

Promote, and sell your limited edition items via social media and start counting your profits. Your fans can explore and shop collections designed or co-created by you.

We provide influencers with amazing revenue when fans purchase their products. Join our exclusive influencer (+50k) program today!

84% of companies plan on working with a social media star influencer this coming year

Collaborating with a digital influencer is now one of the most trusted and effective ways for brands to reach consumers according to a survey conducted by Augure.

Get more Fans with Branded Content!

As a social influencer, you are always busy growing your community and nurturing your fans. Influenzo wants to boost your audience and income with the new and amazing Influenzo App.

We guarantee your freedom because there is no contract and no exclusivity. You decide what you want to share. Promote content you like to your fans, and earn revenue with follower engagement on:

  • Branded content
  • Product demos
  • Brand videos

Micro-influencers can also monetize their network!

Influenzo is launching a new innovative influencer campaign app soon to bring advertisers and influencers together. As a micro-influencer with +500 friends or followers,  you can subscribe, select which brand content you want to share, and earn cash per post at a value you decide yourself. How cool is that?

Once subscribed, you’ll receive automatic alerts of which branded content is available for sharing. You decide which campaign fits best with your profile, your affinities and your followers. You are in control and you can take the money or donate it to charity. Watch out for the Influenzo app.

Make Money with Brand Campaigns

Influenzo is different. We help Belgian influencers find true partner brands that match their personal profile, creative projects and product affinities. In fact, we believe brand partnerships should increase your creative freedom, and your financial independence. Let’s connect.

Want to Work with Us?

Tell us about your influencer project, your dreams and opportunities. Working with us is easy because there is no risk, no contract, no exclusivity, no false promises… We guarantee your freedom and respect your decisions. We look forward to working with you.

Questions?  Ask Us.

“If you have questions, doubts, dreams or plans, just send a message and I will try to answer you as quickly and honestly as possible.”

Pablo Jonas

Founder Influenzo

“Just get in touch and I will let you know how we work and what you can expect. We never overpromise so you can keep it real.”

Najad Menouar

Influenzo Media Expert

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